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Creative Course

Art Circle are Creative Courses, which are held in hostels in Lisbon and Ericeira to offer tourists and expats a unique art experience.


How it works

You are in Town for a few days and feel like creating a unique souvenir? 
Then search no more - Art Circle is the perfect activity for you! 

Image by Maddi Bazzocco

Select your Date & Hostel

You can chose between a bunch of our cooperation partner - hostels in Lisbon and Ericeira. Select the date and time and show up 15 Minutes before we start. 


Come to the Art Circle

The Art Courses are for anyone who wants a unique Memory

from their stay in Portugal. 

The courses are held in English and are beginner friendly. Bring your bestie, we bring the art supplies and drinks!

Image by Minh Pham

Take home your unique piece

You created your own art pieces and now proudly take them home with you! The canvas are small (approx. 15x15cm) so you can easily put them in your luggage. Have fun with your new self created unique art!

Bildschirmfoto 2023-08-24 um 11.12_edited.png

About the Course

  • Art Circle is all about having fun and being artsy

  • we will use acrylics on canvas 

  • the course takes around 2h 

  • there will be 6-12 participants

  • the courses are held in a Hostel in Lisbon or Ericeira

  • courses are in the late morning, afternoon or evening

  • they are held in English

  • you will have 1-4 small (approx. 15cmx15cm) art pieces, which you can take home with you  

Bildschirmfoto 2023-08-24 um 11.12_edited.png

Lea Mathis

27 Years old Austrian
Graphic Designer and Artist

Experience in Teaching Creative Classes

and Primary School Classes

Artist and Organizer

Unique Art Experience

Book your Art class in your favourite hostel now. 

get in touch 

Thanks for submitting!

Lisbon and Ericeira 

+43 677 630 96 321

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